Motorbikes are a huge part of Hi-Shines life, Having owned many bikes over the years and been riding since a child you can be rest assured your bike is in great hands. We have valeted and detailed many bikes and really know what it really takes to safely bring your bike back to its best. Whether a maintenance valet or a full on detail below we offer an option to cover most basis.

Hi-Shine are now XCP Professional brand ambassadors, XCP Rust Blocker helps provide the ultimate in anti-corrosion protection for your motorcycle, We apply this using an air-gun and compressor. We also carry ACF-50 but in recents tests XCP has outlasted all competition on the market.






Polite Notice:

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice should you need to cancel a booking, Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in a surcharge of 50% of your service cost. Failure to be present on the day of booking will result in the full cost of your service being charged. 


We offer 3 services...
Option 1..£85... A maintenence valet, this is for regular customers who's bikes are in great maintained condition and just require a fast valet finished with a detail spray to paintwork and a light coating of XCP-Rust Blocker to exposed areas and a top up of chain-wax.
Maximum time 2.0 hours..

Option 2..£150... A more intensive maintenance valet where more time is needed to spend on areas such as chains, sprockets, wheels and suspension, The paintwork is polished by hand using an all in one type of product that revives and helps protect your paintwork, all other accessible exposed areas are treated with XCP Rust-Blocker and the chain is re-waxed. (This is our most popular option)
Maximum time spent 4 hours..

Option 3..£265-£350...This is for bikes requiring more time and attention on most or all areas, including machine polishing all accesible paintwork where possible and finished with a hard wax or sealant to protect against the elements for upto 6 months..More time is spent on neglected areas such as chains, sprockets, wheels and suspension along with removing side panels where possible to access the engine to clean, degrease and protect with XCP Rust-Blocker
Maximum time spent 6-10 hours..

For bikes used for communting or that have sat still for a long time and are not valeted on a regular basis or that need serious attention then we can offer a futher option where we will spend upto 2 days detailing the bike, all panels can be fu─║ly removed where possible with assitance from the owner as some panels are quite brittle to thoroughly clean behind them and to get into every possible area.
This is priced on inspection








































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